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JKYog Bay Area is pleased to announce that the fundraising efforts for building The Radha Krishna Temple of Bay Area have officially begun.

 Helping establish a divine abode of God has untold spiritual benefits and this opportunity does not come around often! Support us in this most auspicious and noble cause. Donate a brick today! 

Become a part of our community by engaging in spiritual discourses and cultural activities, bhajan and chanting sessions, yoga and meditation, language classes, health and wellness programs and so much more.  It will be your place to celebrate festivals with the community, promoting Vedic culture and heritage, offering educational and community programs like Bal Mukund for Kids and Toastmasters for the Indian youth.      


 A community becomes a family when we work together in the service to our very own  Radha and Krishna. Join our family, help us build it right here in Bay Area, California. 

Radha Krishna


Community Center


RKT Bay Area community center aims to promote Indian culture and values by providing social, cultural, recreational and community programs, thereby uniting the Indian community, and raising awareness of Indian culture in the local community.

 RKT welcomes people of all racial, ethnic, regional, religious, political or socio-economic backgrounds, and its mission seeks:

· To make a positive difference in the community by providing social, cultural, educational, professional and recreational programs

· To holistically enhance the mental, physical and spiritual lives of all members with community yoga sessions, classes for children, youth and adults, weekly Satsangs, volunteer opportunities and community yoga etc

· To foster community by creating a place for family and friends to come together

· To be an essential resource for the community by providing free or heavily subsidized services in areas such as education, childcare and cultural arts

· To promote awareness and understanding of the Indian-American subculture in the mainstream as well as provide a bridge to India

· To promote Vedic heritage and Indian festivals in the vibrant and growing Indian community of the Bay Area.

JKYog is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, non-political organization.

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Radha Krishna Temple

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