Bal Mukund - at a glance

A Playground for Vedic Wisdom


Bal-Mukund is a beautifully designed and structured children’s personality and character development program that has been envisioned by Swamiji Mukundananda Ji. It endeavors to awaken in children, aged 5 thru 15 an appreciation, understanding and executable knowledge of their Vedantic heritage and roots. Bal-Mukund, as envisioned by Swamiji, focuses on imbibing the highest value system in children through an array of activities that include, recitation of shlokas, yoga, meditation, games, pranayam, crafts, storytelling, kirtan singing and prayer recitations.

  • Educate young minds in the knowledge of Vedic wisdom, to lead a virtuous life.
  • Enthuse the spirit of giving with a service attitude.
  • Encourage problem solving with courage, confidence and faith.
  • Entertain creativity, expand power of concentration and focus.
  • Elevate young minds to higher levels of consciousness, and fill their hearts with love and reverence for God.


Kripalu Values

These set of KRIPALU values will teach children to be heroic from within & instill nobleness in in their thought, word and deed.

  • K – Kindness
  • R – Respect
  • I –  Integrity
  • P – Perseverance
  • A – Accountability
  • L –  Love
  • U – Unassuming