About Us

Proposed plan


  • Radha Krishna Temple of Bay Area
  • Final vision/goal: A grand Temple to serve the community for generations
  • Timeline: 4-5 years,
  • Proposed Budget: 7-8M USD
  • First stage (1-2 years):
  • Built up warehouse / property of $1.2 - $1.7M USD,
  • Built Area: 4000-5000 sq.ft 
  • Temple/Altar/Sanctum area
  • Community Hall for classes on Yoga, Meditation, Bal Mukund, Youth Club and Community conferences.
  • Dining Hall and Kitchen
  • Community Library and Admin area

Center for Body, Mind and Soul

 The temple will offer various spiritual discourses by Swami Mukundananda, religious ceremonies and grand celebrations of all major festivals.  Yoga classes and guided mediation practiced with the aim of activating, balancing and healing the various systems of the body. 

Weekly Satsang

 Join us every week for a blissful session of kirtans, meditation, spiritual discourse followed by Aarti and prasad. Our weekly satsang attracts kindred spirits who want to immerse in the divine bliss of bhakti.  

For more information on Satsang please visit https://www.meetup.com/JKyog-BayArea-Bhakti-Yog-Meditation-Bhajan-Kirtan/